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Read what the critics are saying about the Scott Lindenmuth Group


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"Seattle's big secret ... this guy must be the local legend ... in the melodic tradition of Metheny ... Lindenmuth's talents as a composer and player should place him right alongside such contemporaries as Mike Stern, Scott Henderson and Frank Gambale."

- Bill Milkowski / Guitar World

"Shaping the future of electric guitar in technology, musicianship and composition ... a clear expansion into the more sophisticated jazz of the future ... Lindenmuth has superb control of the electric guitar and all of its intrinsic delicacies...transports the experienced listener through the pioneering genres of rock and jazz."

- Jazziz

"Special commendation for meritorious musicianship."

- Guitar Player

"Compelling concepts ... takes the listener to vivid destinations ... definitely on the buy list."

- Down Beat

"Lindenmuth's technique on acoustic and electric guitars is quite incredible...you should hear this record...you'll be pleasantly surprised by Scott Lindenmuth's group."

- Earshot Jazz

"Lindenmuth is justifiably considered one of the finest guitarists in the greater Northwest ... sparkling, inventive, technically astute yet musically passionate."

- The Seattle Times

"Penalty Phase is a must have for fans of progressive instrumental jazz/rock as well as those who appreciate hot guitar playing."

- Silver Platters



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