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Scott Lindenmuth Group Bio

1980 to 2018

Celebrating 38 Years!!!


The Scott Lindenmuth Group is one of the most innovative, challenging, and versatile contemporary instrumental bands to emerge from the U.S. in recent years. Their debut album, Another Side, Another Time received a 4 1/2 star Down Beat review and prompted jazz critic Robert Henschen to write, "...the band is hot...impressionistic...compelling concepts...takes the listener to vivid destinations...definitely on the buy list." The album was also added to Jazziz magazine's Critics Picks list as well as receiving widespread air play on radio stations throughout the country.

In a Jazziz article titled Electric Outlets For Jazz Guitar, Scott Lindenmuth appeared alongside such popular artists as Larry Carlton, Stanley Jordan, John Scofield, John Abercrombie, Steve Kahn, David Torn, Bill Frisell, and Scott Henderson as guitarists who are "shaping the future of electric guitar in technology, musicianship, and composition."

In the Article Ed Legare states, "Lindenmuth has superb control of the electric guitar and all of its intrinsic delicacies...a definite jazz-rock voice." Upon the review of the album Changing Rhythm Legare writes, "...a clear expansion into the more sophisticated jazz of the future...transports the experienced listener through a spectrum of the pioneering genres of rock and jazz."

Since 1980 the group has dedicated itself to writing and performing original music. Through the years of playing together they have developed a level of musical communication that is all to uncommon in todays music, or as Down Beat's Henschen proclaims the band "plays with a kind of quiet fire...instrumentally accomplished and unified in their direction."

The groups line up includes Lindenmuth on guitar, Andy Roben - keyboards, Dave Pascal - Bass, and Bill Dodge - Drums.

With the release of The New Beginning on Dark Stream Records the Scott Lindenmuth Group is continuing its reputation as a front-runner in contemporary instrumental music.



Recent Northwest SLG performances:

Anacortes Jazz Festival

Bite of Seattle

Edmonds Waterfront Festival

Rockfish Grill

6th Street Fair

Snohomish County Plaza (Out-to-Lunch concert)

Crossroads in Bellevue

Richmond Beach Bar and Grill

Anacortes Arts Festival

Bank Of America Plaza (Out-to-Lunch concert)

Forest Park

Edmonds Arts Festival

Pier 57 (Out-to-Lunch concert)

Colby Park - Everett

B.C. Macdonald's

Taste of Edmonds

505 Union Station (Out-to-Lunch concert)

Everett Waterfront

SOG Specialty Knives



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